Project Overview

Client Jackson Rancheria
Project Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades
Location Amador County, California
NEXGEN’s Role Permitting, Planning, Financial Planning, Design-Build, Construction Management and Inspection, Operations Support
Quick Fact Utilized 15 foot diameter precast concrete sections for wet well and screen vault made especially for the project; 40 feet deep excavation
  • Mechanical screen installed vertically within the wet well to minimize footprint.
  • Debris is now screened out and trucked to a landfill, freeing up capacity in the SBRs.
  • Odor control has eliminated the problematic odors at the casino and hotel.
  • Can now automatically divert flow to emergency storage rather than having to complete a time-consuming manual process.

The Jackson Rancheria is served by a 0.5 Mgal/d (ADWF) WWTP.  For the past 20 years, the plant has lacked screening or any sort of pre-treatment.  This resulted in the build-up of debris in the SBRs and an expensively high rate of equipment replacement in the form of clogged pumps.  The plant was also generating odors that were going into the hotel and casino.

NEXGEN ultimately designed a headworks for the WWTP including mechanical screens to remove debris, an influent pump station, and a magnesium hydroxide (MgOH) alkalinity feed system.  The headworks also included odor control to significantly decrease odors at the WWTP and the casino and hotel.  Construction was completed in partnership with Jackson Rancheria staff and construction crews. Master planning and other wastewater improvements are ongoing with the Jackson Rancheria.